Canada India Partnership
Creating Profitable Business Opportunities
Opportunities are everywhere

Why Canada
Indian companies are poised for global expansion. Canada has the wealth of opportunities that can make
international growth profitable.

1. A recessionary business cycle is creating new opportunities to break into the North American market.
2. Shared history and regard for law, education and multiculturalism makes it easier to adapt.
3. The US's largest trading partner means easy access to the world's largest market.
4. Considered one of the best places to do business by the Economist magazine.

Why India
Canadian companies have the expertise and technology that India needs to continue its growth. The Canada
India Partnership has identified and is targeting a few key sectors that can provide Canadian firms excellent
opportunities for growth.

1. India is emerging as one of the most important economies in the world.
2. It has the largest middle class on the planet.
3. The GDP registers double digit growth every year.
4. Indian companies have access to capital.

What to learn more?
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